Monday, August 22, 2011

My birthday gifts

Yesterday was my birthday!!
It was a gorgeous day outside the entire day.
I could not have ordered a more perfect birthday.
My two guys spoiled me rotten and gave me this amazing necklace and ring in my birthstone.

We just got back from spending a week in Chicago.
It was pure heaven and I am having withdrawals already.
Best vacation we have ever had.

But... it's time to get down to business and get crafting.
I'll have new things to share soon!


  1. Nice! Lovely presents! Isn't Chicago wonderful? I love it there. I'm planning on going to CHA next year in Chicago!

  2. Happy belated birthday. It's great your boys were spoiling you on your special day. :)The necklace and ring are fab! Hugs!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful jewelry!

  4. What a lucky girl you are!! Happy belated Birthday.